Classes Offered

  • Pre Dance (ages 3-5) Combo:  this is an hour long class that is offered to the young aspiring dancer.  Ballet, tap and acrobatics are taught in this class. Ballet offered for 30 minutes every week, with tap and acro the remainder 30 minutes, alternating weeks.
  • Transition Combo Class (ages 6-7): Continuing along with the combination class, this class extends to 90 minutes. Created for the young dancer who still likes the combination class, ballet, tap and jazz is taught in this class, with emphasis on first year curriculum. This class is considered 2 classes on the price sheet.
  • Ballet: focusing on technique and placement, a discipline of dance that is carried over into all forms of dance. Offered to ages 6 & up.
  • Tapa form of dance that uses the sounds of tap shoes as a form of percussion. Rhythmic tap and Broadway tap are offered to ages 6 & up.
  • Jazz: A more upbeat style that draws on the foundation of ballet and modern technique. Offered to ages 6 and up.
  • Hip Hop Street dance styles offered to ages 6 and up.
  • ContemporaryA fusion of ballet and jazz. The dancer should take ballet along with this class for strength, technique, and control.
  • Acrobaticscore and muscle strength, an emphasis on floor work and tumbling tricks. Offered to ages 6 and up. 
  • Musical Theatre: a form of theatrical entertainment that is reflected through dance, acting and song. Offered to all ages.